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  • Ibiza Port was a strategic point in shipping routes between East and West in the V and VI centuries BC
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As far as tradition and folklore are concerned, it is essential to talk about the country dance, the traditional dance of Ibiza, full of symbolism. The leaps and steps the man makes around the woman symbolise a posture of power, virility, noise and exhibition. The woman remains balanced and impassive before the alleged superiority of the male, avoiding looking into the man's eyes whilst doing different steps of the choreography: Sa Llarga, Sa Curta and ses nou rodales. In Ibiza more than 20 colles (country dance groups) keep this tradition alive and perform at different celebrations in all the towns.

One of the typical dress for Ibizan countrywomen is the gonella. This outfit may be worn with two variations, with a mantelina (scarf on the head) combined with golden emprendada (a typical piece of jewellery) or witha capell (a hat) with silver and coral emprendada. The dress is combined with golden buttons and a silk shawl. The emprendada is of great value, not just because of the amount of gold it contains, but because of its sentimental value, as it is a heirloom that is passed down from mother to daughter, generation after generation. The hands of the women are decorated with several golden rings with hearts and keys that symbolise love and safety.

The typical man's outfit is much simpler and more austere. It consists of thick linen trousers and shirt embroidered on the cuffs and collar, a red cummerbund at the waist and a barretina on the head.

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