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  • Ibiza Port was a strategic point in shipping routes between East and West in the V and VI centuries BC
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Catering is a very active sector in Ibiza. The island has more than 850 restaurants, characterised by the freshness of the raw material and the exquisite service given to the customer.

Fish is served as a speciality in many restaurants on the island. Dishes such as bullit de peix (fish casserole), guisat (fish stew) or borrida de ratjada (skate stew)  are typical ones. One of the favourite fish among Ibizan people is the raor (razor fish), considered to be a luxury as it is not easy to find. Other typical species are the red scorpion fish, John Dory and sea cucumber

The influence of typical Mediterranean cuisine can be found on Ibizan tables. The use of olive oil or the influence of the sea on recipes are examples of this. However, there is another, deeply-rooted aspect, linked to the rural world, in which meat and cold meats play a protagonist role. Arróz de matances (rice with pork and sausages) is a clear example of this or ossos amb col (pork ribs with cabbage). Another emblematic dish is sofrit pages (varied meats and potatoes).

With regard to drinks, Hierbas Ibicencas is the most popular liquor on the island. It is prepared at home in a traditional way or in distilleries such as Marí Mayans and Can Rich. This drink is made using more than 18 different aromatic plants and it has an aniseed taste. In addition to the Hierbas Ibicencas, La Frígola is another typical drink, made from thyme, which is drunk as an aperitif. Caleta coffee is worthy of a special mention, made with black coffee, lemon, cognac, cinnamon and coffee grains.

Sobrasada (spicy cured sausage), stuffed belly or butifarró(meat sausage and blood sausage) are typical dishes made after a pig has been killed. Goat's cheese and sheep's cheese from the Pine Islands, honey, country wine and olive oil made on the island using ancient olive presses are also typical.

As far as deserts are concerned, flaó is probably the most original of all the specialities. It is a cake whose main ingredients are fresh sheep's cheese and mint. Another typical desert is graixonera, made from dried pastries, milk, eggs, cinnamon, sugar and lemon. Orelletes and bunyols (fritters) are habitually shared out in almost all the local celebrations. Salsa de Nadal (Christmas sauce) is a kind of liquid nougat that can be taken hot or cold.

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